From The Desk Of Pete Wilson, Former Governor of California

from the desk of pete wilson former governor of california

To My Fellow Californians,

Former California Governor Pete Wilson

Polls show that Californians are understandably fed-up with business as usual in Sacramento. They are ready for real reforms, economic growth, and a return of integrity to state government.

I have endorsed Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin for State Controller.

She’s a top notch pro-business, pro-jobs candidate with a proven record of appealing to not only Republicans but Democrats and Independent voters.

A recent Field Poll shows Ashley leading all candidates for Controller in the open primary, including her Democratic opponents Assemblyman John Perez and BOE Member Betty Yee. She also received the endorsement of the Sacramento Bee, Fresno Bee and most recently the Los Angeles Times.

That’s not surprising considering the caliber of Ashley Swearengin. She is widely credited with saving Fresno from bankruptcy.

Weeks after taking office, Ashley found herself faced with a city deeply in debt, suffering the highest unemployment rate in the state, and on bankruptcy watch lists. She rolled up her sleeves, cut wasteful spending, brought discipline and integrity to City Hall, and successfully led the effort to save her city.

To bring jobs to all the cities of California will require a Controller to blow the whistle on irresponsible Sacramento spendthrifts who are driving small business jobs out of our state. It will demand the competence, courage, and tenacity that Ashley demonstrated in saving Fresno from bankruptcy.

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Endorsing her for Controller, the Los Angeles Times calls Ashley the best shot the GOP has at winning a statewide seat.

  Swearengin Will Carefully Watch Taxpayers' Dollars

I respectfully urge you to help elect Ashley by contributing to her campaign today, so we can tell all the voters in our state her outstanding record.

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